Ultrasound technology

Ultrasound is certainly an innovative technology and used in many applications, cleaning, welding, cutting, homogenizing, disintegration, vegetable extraction, screening, etc.
In all applications, the ultrasound technique is based on transformation of high frequency electric waves emitted by a generator into mechanical oscillations, by means of a converter (booster), which, by adequately amplifying the ultrasonic energy, transfers the oscillating power to the sonotrode (terminal part different for each type of application).

In washing, disintegration, homogenization and vegetable extraction ultrasonic applications, the cavitation principle is used.
The ultrasonic oscillating power supplied by the sonotrodes is transferred into the washing liquid, where, by means of strong alternating pressure, microscopic bubbles are created which implode and explode, thus creating micro-shockwaves with strong intensity and density, able to separate or disintegrate the dirt from the parts to be treated.

In ultrasonic welding, the oscillating power transmitted by the ultrasonic sonotrode, in contact with the pieces to be welded, is transformed into friction heat which allows it to be welded by fusing the surface material.

In ultrasonic cutting, in the food industry, for example, the sonotrode, with the end part in the shape of the blade, by means of ultrasonic vibrations, eliminates the friction between the knife and the piece to be cut, resulting in maximum cutting precision, maintaining the perfect cleaning of the blade and removing the defor- mation of the piece.