Ultrasonic welding for masks production


To contrast the emergency of the Covid-19 virus, Unitech and Ewery Wave offer their Technology and support in the design and supply of transducers, sonotrodes, converters, boosters and generators for ultrasonic welding to all companies that want to manufacture machines or systems for the production of protective masks.

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    Side by side to the companies looking at the future

    Unitech's mission is to find out ideas and improvement solutions in the field of ultrasound technologies, supporting constantly its customers in order to optimize their productivity and competitiveness: thanks to our products, we are proud to contribute to the fight against diffusion virus, helping companies to satisfy the market needs.

    Experience and quality

    Unitech and Every Wave, leaders in the ultrasounds field for years, join their forces in the production of face masks, protective clothing and eye shields, using ultrasounds to weld materials. In the automatic manufacturing processes of surgical masks, the different filtering layers of fabric are welded continuously by a rotary transducer, while the laces or any eye shield are welded by a spot or line spot welding transducer.

    Technical specifications Generator Unitech TiTAK03 WELD


    Remote assistance








    Smart Impedance Analizer


    Multitasking control


    Industry 4.0


    Universal power supply

    Advantage and innovation

    The Ultrasonic Generators Mod. Titako3-TOP 20KHz 1000-5000W by UNITECH, thanks to the ModBus Ethernet Tcp-IP interconnection system, can easily be integrated into automatic production processes.
    The Titako3 generators are equipped with a innovative S.I.A. autotuning system (Smart Impedance Analizer) and this allows a very precise and reliable welding.
    The transducers are designed and developed directly by EVERY WAVE, our partner company, specialized in studying and planning ultrasound transducers both for the welding field and all other possible applications.
    One of the most innovative function belonging to the new TiTAKO3 ultrasound generator family is the real-time analysis of the transducer impedance curve. The extreme precision of this algorithm allows to maximize the system yield in each application.

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    Unitech is a leading company in the production of ultrasound machines. By our Titako technology we are able to offer a worthwhile and more efficient machine than the actual technologies on the market in the production of surgical masks.