TUB:WAVE® Tank for vegetable extraction

The vegetable extraction technique by means of ultrasound is used to extract the active ingredients from medicinal plants for the production of high quality plant extracts in the pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetic, and food sectors.

Using the ultrasounds in this process, it has the advantage over other systems of achieving extraction total, complete both as regards the basic active ingredients contained in the raw material processed and for those secondary ingredients, which are no less important. Moreover, the extraction cycles are very fast and always performed at low temperatures, allowing caramelization of the sugar components naturally present in raw plant materials to be avoided.

The extracts obtained are also sterile, thanks to the removal of bacteria by the ultrasounds.

UNITECH has developed a line of US-Etank® Extraction tanks for treating leaves, flowers, buds, seeds, fruits, roots and bark, whether fresh or dry, by using both natural and organic solvents.


Models available with tank of:

5 litres(for extractions from 2 to 5 litres)
20 litres(for extractions from 5 to 20 litres)
100-250 litres (for extractions from 20 to 250 litres)