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Ultrasonic Transducers Rod-style Titako Wave

Strong. Efficient. Compact.

TiTAKO WAVE® transducers, made of titanium, are designed to offer maximum power with a small device.

The high efficiency and radial sound uniformity generated by this brand-new transducer ensure maximum cavitation and washing performance in a very short time.
Its compact dimensions mean that it can be used in multi-chamber and vacuum washing machines or systems; its solid titanium waveguide offers a guarantee of long life and extreme resistance to high pressures and temperatures.

Available in four working frequencies of:

20 25 30 40 KHz

Maximum power:

3000 W

The innovative double Wave-Stop suspension guarantees
maximum performance

New SMART CONNECT® intelligent connection system

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Ultrasonic Transducers Rod-style series Titako Wave