TiTAKO Digital Core® Mf Multi frequency
TiTAKO Digital Core® Sf Single frequency

The TiTAKO Digital Core® ultrasound generators are innovative and technologically advanced. They were developed to control and maximize the efficiency of the TiTAKO wave transducers, in order to meet the highest expectations of all applications where quality, reliability and precision are essential. The sophisticated control system is based on the S.I.A. Algorithm. The impedance analysis (Smart Impedance Analyzer) is done in real time and always ensures the best working conditions depending on the physical status of the system.
TiTAKO D-Core® has a unique, highly attractive and functional design. The user interface with a 4.3” TFT screen and a bright keypad is very simple and immediate, allowing to easily program and manage all the settings of the Core system.

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