STEEL® Ultrasonic Generators are robust, powerful, reliable and easy to use and are designed to work under even the most demanding environmental conditions. They are fully protected by a stainless steel structure and equipped with indirect cooling, designed to ensure maximum protection of its electronic circuits.

All connections can be quickly removed and connected, with a high degree of protection (IP65). The remote control inputs are isolated optically.
The automatic control functions of the digital generators are managed by a powerful microprocessor:

  • FREQUENCY SWEEP allows the cavitation to be maximized and standardized.
  • SOFTWARE FREQUENCY TRACKING seeks the optimal working frequency.
  • DEGAS MODE allows the quick degas of the washing bath.
  • MULTIFREQUENCY STEP MODE allows the transducers work in pulsed mode.
  • SYNCRO MODE Iallows synchronization of more generators.
  • Power supply: 230Vac 50/60Hz Single Phase


SYNCRO® cascade connection system

The SYNCRO® cascade connection system allows two or more STEEL® Ultrasonic Generators to be synchronized, achieving a simultaneous ultrasonic action on all machines, perfectly synchronized to the same frequency. The synchronization of the ultrasounds, in addition to increasing the yield of the system, significantly lowers the noise level of the washing tank.


Open Frame USX-TS® Ultrasonic Generators are economical, extremely compact and light. The standard operating characteristics are:

  • FREQUENCY SWEEP allows the cavitation to be maximized and standardized.
  • Adjustment of the washing power, directly from the generator or via external PLC (input 0-10V).
  • STAND-BY Command of the ultrasound by remote control.
  • Control and stabilization of the output power.
  • Signalling via relay of the regular operation of the ultrasound..
  • Cooling fan power supply output.
  • Power supply: 230Vac 50/60Hz Single Phase