SONOTRODE Multi frequency mod. TpMf
SONOTRODE Single frequency mod. TpSf

UNITECH pays particular attention to the design and construction of its sonotrodes.The new sonotrodes TpMf, are applied to the latest generation of Multi-frequency transducers.

Even the new high quality sonotrodes TPSF are designed, manufactured and calibrated directly from UNITECH for granting the best matching to the transducers, ensuring high efficiency.

Single and Multi frequency
US SUB® flanges US PLATE®

The immersible US SUB® and flanged US PLATE® ultrasonic transducers are manufactured in a special corrosion-proof alloy for maximum strength and reliability over time. The special welding of the coating is made with the utmost attention paid to the hermetic seal. The high quality sonotrodes applied are designed, constructed and calibrated directly by UNITECH to ensure maximum coupling with the immersible transducers, ensuring high efficiency.

The Multi frequency transducers of our last generation give the benefit to get different results of cleaning using only one system.