FLOW:WAVE® Tubular reactor

Continuous flow tubulor reactor, 4 liter

Designed and manufactured for various industriai applications, such as:

  • Emulsions.
  • Mixing.
  • Disintegration.
  • Sonochemistry.
  • Plant extraction.
  • Bactericidal action.
  • Various treatments tor industriai fluid products.

Compatibility: the reactors are controlled by the Unitech Titako generator.

Advanced technology

  • New technology with external transducers, far greater robustness and reliability.
  • Internal mixing available, by means of static mixer or cochlea.
  • 4 I iter flow volume, capable of withstanding tem­peratures up to 150° e and 8 bar aver pressures.
  • Made with AISI 316L steel, also suitable for food applications.
  • Double operating frequency (20/40 kHz), with the same efficiency and power.

F.E.M. design


Operating frequency20 / 40 kHz
Maximum power2000 / 4000 W
Flow cell volume4 L
Power supply (Titako generator)110 ... 500 VAC
Power control1...100%
Pulsed modeprogrammable


lnterconnection and management of Modbus Ethernet TCP-IP via IP address (INDUSTRY 4.0) as standard.

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