CUT:WAVE® Ultrasonic cutting

Is an ultrasonic cutting system for manufacturing industries that need to cut both standard fabrics and materials, as well as new plastic and composite materials, or with reticular structure. The system, designed to have maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption, allows continuous cutting and processing of large surfaces of material, as well as the possibility of creating any type of shaping. It can also be used for trimming rubber molds.

Advanced technology

  • The converter and all the parts are FEM designed (finite element analysis and optimization);
  • Efficiency > 90%;
  • High reliability and long-lasting thanks to the converter’s innovative construction systems;
  • Interchangeable blade, of various sizes, for different materials;
  • Remote control from generator, PLC


Operating frequency35 kHz
Maximum power
500 W
Power supply (Titako generator)110-500V AC
Power controlcontinuous


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