BOND:WAVE® Welding system

F.E.M. design

In ultrasonic welding, the vibrating energy generated by the sonotrode is transmitted to the plastic elements to be welded, generating fusion between the surfaces under pressure, due to the frictional heat.

The final molecular bond between the parts ensures a strong and stable joint over time. Given the high speed of the process (a few tenths of a second), this technology is widely used where volumes are large, such as in the following sectors : automotive, packaging, medical, filters, toy, electronics.

Advanced technology

  • FEM project (finite element analysis and optimization) of the converter and all parts.
  • Efficiency> 90%
  • Available with remote control for installation on automatic processes
  • Programming of electrical parameters and automatic control of Power / Time / Energy

Operating frequency 20 kHz
Maximum power 2000 W
Single-phase or Tree-phase power supply 110 ... 500 VAC
Power control 1...100%


lnterconnection and management of Madbus Ethernet TCP-IP via IP address (INDUSTRY 4.0) as standard.

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