BLADE:WAVE® Ultrasound food cutting system

These are ultrasound systems to cut various kinds of food.
The ultrasonic vibration of the biade ollows to obtain clean, repeatoble, fast cuts, without shearing or "gluing" the food to the biade.

lt con be mounted on manual stations or, more commonly, integrateci into automated production processes.

  • lt can be equipped with different types of Booster and sonotrodes, depending on the type and size of the food to be cut.
  • Standard sonotrodes of width 100, 200, 300mm are available, but al so special sonotrodes on customer request.

Advanced technology

  • Remote contrai tor installation on automatic processes.
  • Programming of electrical parameters and automatic management of the cut.


Operating frequency20/35 KHz
Maximum power2000 W
Single-phase or Tree-phase power supply110 ... 500 VAC
Power control1...100%

lnterconnection ond management of Modbus Ethernet TCP-IP via IP oddress (INDUSTRY 4.0) os standard.

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