Welcome to Unitech ultrasounds!

UNITECH Srl is specialized in the research, development and production of solutions in the ultrasound technologies. The continuous and rapid technological evolution and the need for ever higher quality standards require the daily research and development of increasingly innovative solutions where quality and reliability play an absolutely vital role in all working processes.

Our Mission:

Finding ideas and improvement solutions in the field of ultrasound technologies, with continuous customer support, in order to optimize their productivity and therefore their competitiveness.

Our strengths:

  • Speed ​​of reply to technical-commercial requests and good lead-times;
  • Product quality: our products are reliable, durable and aesthetically pleasing;
  • Technology: continuous investment in the search for new technical solutions and improvement of existing products;
  • Flexibility: all products are customized;
  • After-sales: our customers can count on a reliable partner available to solve problems. In addition to repairs, we carry out routine maintenance and checks;
  • Highly professional and specialized technical staff.

Our goals:

The Quality Policy defined by the Management of UNITECH Srl places as first among its activities the customer satisfaction and product compliance. These results are achievable pursuing of the following objectives:

  • To follow the customer in all the project phases, from the feasibility study to the final realization of the product, through prototyping, thanks to the internal design studio, the equipped laboratory; the customer is always supported and advised by our technical staff;
  • To guarantee a fast and reliable technical and commercial after-sales service;
  • To guarantee to the customer the conformity of the product through the operational procedures application implemented to manage the activities and control of the product / service offered;
  • To add value to the skills of its employees and collaborators, as a tool for professional improvement of the entire Unitech structure, by implementing a staff training strategy aimed at the increase the degree of general knowledge and the specific professionalism of each figure within the organization;
  • To transmit the company guidelines and targets to collaborators;
  • To carry out the necessary measures to increase customer satisfaction over time;
  • To establish constantly new partnerships for a network of collaborations able to provide specialist support both nationally and internationally;
  • Continuous improvement of the corporate quality system also through the management of appropriate actions to reduce risks and pursue opportunities.

The achievement of these objectives will be constantly monitored and evaluated during the periodic reviews of the Management. This Company Policy is communicated and shared with all staff and closest Collaborators so that the complete organization be aware of the objectives and priorities of the next year. It is available to Interested Parties upon request, as indicated in the Company website.